Why Us?

A pipeline company, which is part of a large mid-western oil company, re-engineered itself to be more competitive, to expand its services outside the parent company and to be financially successful in its own right. Success depended on turning every person, including the pipeline foremen, into business entrepreneurs.

Maronde Associates, working with management, developed a two-day business skills class focused on how each participant financially impacts the company.

After training managers, foremen and selected staff personnel over a two-year period, net income increased 28.7% while revenue increased only 11.4%. This was a direct result of people making better-quality business decisions to ensure long-term viability, NOT by taking short-term cost cuts.


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Financial Training Products...

Financial Literacy

Need a quick overview of key financial concepts? Need to communicate your company’s financial metrics in easily understood terms? This workshop helps your non-financial people understand the world of business and how they impact financial performance. (1 day)

Managing for Financial Success

Unravel the mysteries of finance and accounting and have fun doing it! Understand your company's Annual Report, financial terminology and concepts. See how your decisions impact financial performance. (2 days)

Business Management and Finance

Knowledge is power! Level the financial playing field! Finally, a class explaining those internal company financial statements your controller sends you! Learn to use these statements to analyze your product lines, profit centers and departments. Discover how to make good business decisions! (1 or 2 days)

Selling and Financial Decision Making

Sell financial benefits to your customers! Learn to financially analyze your customers using publicly available Internet information. After understanding your customer's financial "drivers," see how you can provide goods and services that enhance your customer's financial performance. Call this benefit selling! (2 days)

Project Financial Analysis

Do your projects make economic sense? Learn how to perform a cost-benefit analysis and find the pitfalls before investing money. Don't be explaining those fatal flaws to management after it's too late! Learn simple economic modeling using the time-value of money and internal rate of return (IRR) concepts taught with easily understood Microsoft Excel® worksheets. (1 or 2 days)

Financial Learning Modules

Don't waste time and money reinventing the wheel! We can supply time-tested financial learning modules to enhance your training programs.