Why Us?

What our Clients say...

"Bob explained financial concepts in plain, simple English."

...Senior Manager, Semiconductor Company

"I better understand my company's financial metrics thanks to Bob's class."

...Petroleum Engineer, Energy Company

"We worked with our own Company using our financials and success measurements. What I really liked was that Bob showed me how I fit into to equation from a financial perspective."

...HR Director, Manufacturing Company

"I found the Financial Flowcharts especially useful because I better see the financial relationships and how I impact financial performance."

...VP, Manufacturing Company


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About Us...

Robert Maronde, President of Maronde Associates, has developed and delivered business seminars worldwide. He has led more than 1,000 management seminars, training over 18,000 individuals in the areas of Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial Personnel, Profit and Cash Flow Management, Planning and Control, Leadership, Influence, and Face-to-Face Selling Skills.

His specialty is working with management to produce strategic finance and accounting seminars. Working in partnership with clients, Mr. Maronde customizes every seminar he delivers. These finance seminars, designed for the non-financial manager or officer, help participants:

Working closely with financial experts and human resource specialists, Mr. Maronde designs finance and accounting seminars specifically tailored to meet the needs of non-financial personnel. He continues a close working relationship with clients to ensure that the subjects covered in the workshops are timely and relevant to the participants.

Mr. Maronde has his BS/Engineering and MS/Electrical Engineering from California State University at Los Angeles and his MBA from Pepperdine University.